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For 2022, we’re challenging people to practice hope every day of the year. Three times a week you’ll receive a contemplative reflection to help you focus hope throughout the day: a picture of hope; a beatitude of hope; and, an examen of hope. However, if you’re like me and want to do more than just reflect on hope, but also practice hope, sign-up for a paid subscription ($5/month) and receive my weekly Black-Eyed Bible Story. Details for that are below.


Every Monday you’ll receive my Whatever List. This is a list of things I’m seeing and loving in the world based on one of my favorite bits of the Bible, Philippians 4:8. I’ll be sharing with you my list of whatever I’m finding that’s True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely, Gracious, Excellent, and Worthy of Applause. Hopefully, in the comments, you’ll share with me as well. Let’s start every week off with a little bit of whatever’s good and noble in the world.  


A Book Bliss List is exactly what you think it is: a blissful lists of books!!! I share these about once every season! Sometimes, I’ll even do some giveaways!!!


For a paid subscription you get everything above PLUS…


Every Wednesday, you’ll receive a Black-Eyed Bible Story in the form of a personal essay. In it, I’ll cover popular bible verses and stories, biblical translations, bible history, biblical language and culture, traditions and beliefs about the Bible and, of course, our stories both current and past. 

From July thru November, my series called “In Jesus Name” will confront the misuse of the Bible by Church leaders throughout our history.⁣

The Church has always been at the center of our country’s division. And no matter your personal beliefs, if you live in this country, your rights have been affected by Christian theology whether you like it or not. We need to learn the roots of this unholy and unjust theology to unlearn it. ⁣

A paid subscription will also give you access to all archived studies – in 2021, I wrote about anger, abundance, the beatitudes, mysticism, origins and letters. It has been my great, great joy to connect with so many right here in the comments. I’ve made lifelong friends and I’ve seen others make friends. If you want to know my heart, it’s right here in this weekly bible story.


Once a month, I present a spiritual practice for us to find quiet space in our lives, so that we can take a pause to inhale and exhale deeply. For each practice, I share the origin story of the practice as well as a step-by-step outlining for bringing the practice to life.


If  objects were as animated as they are in Beauty and the Beast, which objects in your home would you want invite to dinner?

Well, of course, my copper kettle would be the first to receive an invitation. She’s a great old gal with lots of stories and great advice. It’d be nice to serve her as joyfully as she as served me. My next guest would be Giraffe, the stuffed animal that was my daughter’s constant companion since she was two. Somewhere in those tween years, she retired him. I didn’t. He sits in the chair that’s nestled in the nook of our hallway beside Elly, the stuffed animal who was my husband’s companion when he was boy.  I suppose I’d extend a plus-one invitation to Giraffe and I’d hope he’d bring Elly. I could gush over how much I love and adore both their charges and thank them for taking such good care of them. Lastly, I have a vase on my desk that’s the shape of a women’s bodice that’s filled with cotton blossoms. I have so many questions for this weary woman with her deceptively soft and hoary head, as dense as my ancestors’ hopes and heartaches.

Other than a book or a movie, of the objects that you own, which has the most intriguing story to tell? 
I have all my mother’s Bibles. She would write messages in the margins, but due to her schizo-affective disorder, much of it is incomprehensible. If I could decipher the code and expose their meaning, I’d have many more stories to unlock the mystery of her. 

If you could have three Bible characters join you for dinner and answer all your questions, who would you choose and briefly tell us why?
Three of servants who were the first to see Jesus’ first miracle of changing water into wine. I’d want to serve them because I think, perhaps, no one else ever did.


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